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Allar'h Gwenn is a training, coaching and consulting firm that I founded after having directed the department of customized programs at HEC Paris for 6 years.
We propose to accompany executives and managers in the face of the new challenges they encounter in their professional activities.
Managers of all kinds are confronted with new parameters that can destabilize them and harm their performance:
  • Acceleration of the business, the rise of new entrants, digital technologies
  • Paradoxical injunctions in their management style: how to reconcile respect for others and operational performance, how to be a strategist, skipper and support of a diverse, demanding team whose loyalty must be earned?
  • The teams' quest for meaning must be in line with the company's objectives on levels other than financial and commercial ratios.

This accompaniment can take the form of:
  • Training: we design programs on demand or we bring our expertise to the pedagogical engineering of your programs,
  • Coaching: our approach is operational, benevolent, respectful and covers both organizations and individuals. We have a particular expertise focused on the "first 100 days", for which we have developed a unique and effective methodology,
  • Consulting: From the definition or redefinition of your value proposition, to the sales strategy, we put our sales experience at the service of your organization and its commercial efficiency.
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